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New Artist on scene! -BubblePaw-

2016-09-10 07:22:53 by BubblePaw

Hello there! I'm BubblePaw, a 20 year old artist with huge unreachable goals that I still fight for. I'm the main illustrator of the game Megan & Claus: Through Dimensions /BunnyHips nsfw Game/ it's still ongoing but let me tell you, it's gonna be an awesome game! 


  • Why am I here?

I got to know about newgrounds a while ago, and so much people told me if I wanted support on my original content, this was the right place, so I've decided to give it a go!

  • What do I aim for?

Fame and power!! Not exactly? hahah, as I've had several issues with art thieves, I want to make my art so recognizable, so mine, everyone will know it's mine, no matter if someone traces or reposts it, I want people to know it's my job.

  • What do I do?

I'm studying Illustration at art's school of Murcia /my city/ and I wish to become a good illustrator/tattoo artist.

Thank you for your time! Feel free to ask anything anytime!

PS. I am not an english speaker, so please forgive any grammar mistakes or let me know about them so I can actually learn how to write--


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2016-09-20 02:28:31

Welcome to Newgrounds, the first and last home for sole creators, one man bands and starving artists! "I got to know about newgrounds a while ago, and so much people", should read ".. so many people" not a big faux pas, your English seems quite good!

Glad to be a fan of your work! Great illustration of D'va, but found her neck was a bit too narrow/thin for my liking, again, not a big error... sometimes it takes a while for me to warm up to an artist's style. http://ephyse.newgrounds.com/ hands and forearms are way too wide, but damn, I do love his art!

BubblePaw responds:

Thank you for your welcome!
About necks, I used to make them really big or thick and that made me upset so I started making them thin, and I loved it somehow so it's part of my style hehe--

Ah! I followed that artist! I really love that style, I wish I can make my art as unique as his! ;;


2016-09-20 17:32:04

Don't worry about having a unique style, you already have it... all artists do. Best advice I can give, is to draw as many different things as possible, in as many settings and compositions as possible.... and it doesn't matter if it looks possible or not!

Art's saving grace is, illustrating things you wouldn't see in real life, or things that the vast majority of people would consider 'attractive'. Everyone draws something universally pretty, and rarely risk adding strange details, like the ones you really would find in real life (if you looked hard enough).